At Home Haircolor: What are your questions?


Coloring your hair at home can be tricky, it can be ugly, it can be totally messy. However, sometimes it can be the most fun and the results can be stellar. What is your biggest at-home-haircolor query? We’ll be meeting with L’Oreal Haircolor experts next week and would love to give them reader Qs!

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15 Responses to “At Home Haircolor: What are your questions?”

  1. 1 nycbeauty

    How do I know what is the right color for me?

  2. Hi, I was wondering if it’s applicable for any hair color ?


  3. 3 Mickey Vallons

    What is the best way to color while also improving health/shine/strength at the same time? While I do color often, I worry that with my fine hair I could also be doing damage so I want to be sure I’m coloring in the healthiest way.

  4. 4 RK

    If I color my hair before going to the beach for a week, do you think the sun will affect the color?

  5. 5 Lola

    What is the best technique to maintain my color (and avoid fading?).

  6. 6 Stephanie

    Is it true when bleaching your hair if you don’t do it correctly the hair can turn green?

  7. 7 seth

    i have a trashy diminutive friend who has a bit of a box-bleaching problem. whenever we dye each others’ hair, she insists i bring over a bottle of wine or vodka, and we generally consume the majority of said bottle in the process of dyeing our hair. whenever we go blond, though, my hair always ends up with an oranger, brassier hue that recalls one of those BAD gingers, like ron howard or carrot-top. my question is, would this orange pukey color come from the fact that we were drunk-dyeing, or because of naturally disgusting undertones, like some mouldering cave-lichen, already present in my hair due to an ill-advised pairing of one of my human grandparents with a neanderthal? is there a way to go DIY platinum without having a head full of copper-top hooker-hair that wouldn’t even look sexy on a young, male brigitte nielsen?

    please advise,
    scared scarlet.

  8. 9 hec hei

    Hi, has any thought been given to targeting the ingredients in hair dye to certain hair types? Or even segmenting along these lines? Does a variance in ingredients even matter? For example, I have curly hair, which I have been lead to believe over the years requires extra moisture– therefore the thought of sticking any sort of dye in my hair is mortifying. Please advise.

  9. I have very long hair and I never know how many boxes to by when dying my hair. The first time was HORRIBLE. I could not even cover half of my hair. There should be some sort of key to show how much dye to purchase depending on hair length and thickness. How are first time dyers supposed to tell?

  10. 11 moog

    I have really really thick hair, whenever I have tried to bleach it in the past, it turns out orangish. I have heard bleaching too much will cause it to fall out.

    I have tried heavier duty systems (such as those for african american women) with the same results. Is there any kind of advice for this?

  11. 12 Lindsay

    I have very dark hair and whenever I color it or add highlights the color doesn’t last. What can I do to improve the longevity of the color in my black hair?

  12. 13 CAROLYN

    What is the best product to use to color completely gray hair that is quite thick?
    I’m looking for a dark brown shade that won’t fade out too quickly.

  13. I just colored my hair to even out color. (I frost it with a cap about every 4 months). When is it safe for me to frost my hair? Can I do it tomorrow, or is that too soon?

  14. 15 AnnaBelle

    I am a longtime lover of home hair dye and have been in the reddish-brown genre for many years. my natural color is a medium brown. I am looking for a deeper brown shade with a hint of red….but I havent been able to find a shade that matches the description….they all seem to come out too red, the dark auburns and im afraid to use strait brown because i dont want to loose my signature sassy tint. shade suggestions?

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