Detox: Day 1


In an effort to clear my mind, body, and *ahem* soul, I have begun a dreaded (read: needed) detox, as supplied by Rainbow Light. The detox system has only 3 parts – a citrusy liver-energizing drink as soon as I wake up, a super fruit fiber drink midmorning, and then a deluxe liver cleaning crazy pill right before sleep – and lasts only 7 days. In addition, it’s important to not eat extra sugars, drink alcohol, or get extra caffeine (I’m sticking with green tea), and try to get more vegetables and organic proteins.

At $24.99 (available online or at Whole Foods), it is a pretty good deal.  It’s only 7 days, so it’s like the Beginner’s Detox, and there’s no way I’d starve myself in order to flush out the toxins.  But… I really want a pretzel right now. Did I mention it’s only a 7 day program? I can totally hang for 7 days. Right?

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One Response to “Detox: Day 1”

  1. 1 Mom

    You’ll succeed. “Keep your eyes on the prize”….

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