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Oops. Well, in celebrating Ted Gibson’s foray into What Not To Wear, I chose to forego the cleanse and drink a little Moet. Which… well, it wasn’t as bad this morning as it usually is, first off, and secondly, I didn’t feel the effects nearly as much as my poor lunch decision…

Now I feel lethargic and un-detoxed. Looks like it’s back to the start.

Detox: Day 3


Day 3 began with grogginess, as per the usual. It has progressed, however, into land of “drink as much water as possible.” The mood is up, the happy factor is pretty good – I feel smarter, for some reason. Maybe because most of the time, the champagne afterglow makes me quite a bit stupider. More stupid. Whatever.

While my mood has improved greatly, which was to be expected, what I started slacking on and feeling pain and cramping from is not drinking enough water. With the high content of fiber in everything I’m eating, my body is soaking up water like a dead fish being brought back to life. It is imperative to drink 8 – 12 glasses of water when you cleanse – it flushes out the toxins and gets the supplements in motion (gross).   Other than that, my skin is looking much less parched – almost rosy, even.

All in all, day 3 is kinda… meh. Good day so far, but couldn’t I see these results from not going out (read: drinking alcohol) and drinking more water?  Probably.

Detox: Day 2


Nope, nope, nope. This is my breaking point. At about noon today, I gave up on cutting out coffee completely. Keeping in mind I’ve never detoxed before, well, one precious (and little known) side effect is one monster mood swing after mood swing. Besides my bad attitude and listless behavior, I just couldn’t even focus this morning. So, if you’re first-time-cleansing, keep in mind that giving up alcohol/vices = good, however giving up caffeine (and I only drink 1 cup a day) = possibly getting fired from your job. So I had some coffee.  And it was really, really good.

Also,  I’m rethinking the extent of this cleanse – my good friend and contributor Lara Eurdolian recommends cleansing only 3 days in the beginning, and working your way up to massive cleansing (she’s detoxed/cleansed in the past and knows her way around this stuff). Wanna know why? Because your body seriously can’t handle eliminating toxins and changing your entire lifestyle. You get massive hangovery symptoms. And if you live in the real world, you gotta keep those to a minimum.

That being said, 1 cup of coffee a day and shortening this thing to 5 days.  First timers – unite!

Detox: Day 1


In an effort to clear my mind, body, and *ahem* soul, I have begun a dreaded (read: needed) detox, as supplied by Rainbow Light. The detox system has only 3 parts – a citrusy liver-energizing drink as soon as I wake up, a super fruit fiber drink midmorning, and then a deluxe liver cleaning crazy pill right before sleep – and lasts only 7 days. In addition, it’s important to not eat extra sugars, drink alcohol, or get extra caffeine (I’m sticking with green tea), and try to get more vegetables and organic proteins.

At $24.99 (available online or at Whole Foods), it is a pretty good deal.  It’s only 7 days, so it’s like the Beginner’s Detox, and there’s no way I’d starve myself in order to flush out the toxins.  But… I really want a pretzel right now. Did I mention it’s only a 7 day program? I can totally hang for 7 days. Right?

Gimme a sec…


While I have other projects going full steam ahead, I’ll be posting a bit infrequently here.   Meanwhile, please see what me and my friends are up to at

(From Julia Allison’s Lifecast at

As a ginger myself, I love chronicling the descent into carrot-topdom. Webutante Julia Allison recently went from chocolate brown to super red with the help of Jason Backe at Ted Gibson.   See her spicy progress as a redhead here.

Summer is the prime time to switch it up, people!  I want you all joining my Ginger Brigade!


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